Key resources on self-directed support advancing disability rights and citizenship for all.

Self-Directed Support has been growing and developing for over 50 years around the world. There are numerous reports, articles and websites available to help you understand best practice. This page points you to some of the main resources available. If you think your website should be listed here please contact us.

Partner organisations

Citizen Network host the SDS Network and its library contains many publications on the topic of how to advance citizenship for all people. Its resources on self-directed support are available here:

Citizen Network Library

Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship (CIIC) is Canada’s only university-based research centre focusing on social policy and issues concerned with the full inclusion and citizenship of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities:

CIIC Website

Human Services Research Institute (HRSI) is US organisation that advises governments on how to create community-based, person-driven service systems:

HRSI Website

Manawanui is a social enterprise driven by the belief that self-direction is a fundamental human right and providing practical supports for self-direction:

Manawanui Website

Suunta is the Finnish centre on personal budgeting whose goal is to increase people's choice and influence over their lives:

Suunta Website

UNIC Project is an European system to help people, services and governments get information to help move systems to wards personal budgets:

UNIC Project

Western Australia's individualised Services (WAIS) works in partnership with people, families, service providers and government to promote and advance individualised, self-directed supports and services:

WAIS Website

Other Useful Resources

Applied Self-Direction is a US-based organisation that works to support the right of people with disabilities to live the lives they want:

Applied Self-Direction Website

European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) works to improve policy and practice in disability support services:

EASPD Website

European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) is a user-led network of disabled people which advocates for Independent Living values, principles and practice to make the full citizenship of disabled people possible.

ENIL Website

HRSI have also produced this very useful review of self-direction resources:

Does self-direction work?