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10 July: SDS Global Network Meet Up

Join people from around the world to discuss self-directed approaches to support.

UNIC Final Conference

The UNIC Conference set out a vision for transforming support and funding for long-term care and support.

Global Standards for Self-Directed Support

We've published the global standards on self-directed support along with an easy read version.

Redesigning the NDIS

The NDIS needs radical transformation into a sustainable and regenerative system of support.

31 August: Personal Budgets in Finland

Join Suunta for a discussion about implementing personal budgets in Finland.

Consultation Launched

The SDS Network has drafted a statement for consultation on best practice on self-directed support.

International Review of NDIS

DANA has asked Dr Simon Duffy to provide an international perspective on Australia's NDIS.

3 - 5 March: AIREA Madrid 2023

Take part in this amazing inclusive retreat in Madrid - all welcome.

UNIC Project Publishes Key Reports

Europe is showing an increasing commitment to the reform of Long Term Care and Support on human rights principles.